What is Fastag ? How to Purchase

What is Fastag ?

Fastag is Electronic Toll Collection System. operated by National Highway Authority of India. it use radio frequency identification technology for collecting payments directly from saving account or prepaid account of owner.

It is a simple tag when you go to toll this tag is scan by camera( Radio Frequency Identification Technology and your toll payment debited directly from your saving account or prepaid card account. it a re loadable card. this tag is install on your vehicle windshield  you can get this

Fastag issued by many certified bank and various other channel such as Point to Sale at National Highway toll plaza and selected bank branch.  In bank you have to submit KYC Document( Aadhar Card, PAN Card ,etc.) for fastag. there are different charges for every bank for it . you can buy it on e commerce web site like Amazon

if you purchase this tag for online site then you have to active it yourself. it is very simple process . fastag has a application on google play store for android user and for iPhone user a app on apple store. using this mobile app you have a option to link your Fastag to your any bank account. The National highway Authority of India prepaid wallet facility  also available on this app. but it is better to link your saving account to fastag because in prepaid wallet you need to always kept money by transfer from your saving account. so it is much convenient  to link your  saving account with Fastag where your always have money in your account.it have not any expiry date you can use is as long as they readable and are not tempered

It is good facility to avoid standing queue on toll plaza and convenient for payment. it may minimize your waiting period on toll plaza

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