iPhone XR Vs iPhone11-Which is best to buy in 2020 ?

iPhone XR Vs iPhone11

We are here going to review ” iPhone XR Vs iPhone11″ and understand which a best choice to buy in 2020.lets know which is much better and how? both phone having  Rs.10-15000 difference in price after this review  it is easy to you to decide which iPhone is made for you 🙂

both phone come with glass body and aluminum frame. which help to protect from damage and scratches both phone having 6.1 inch display with a notch on upper side of phone with face ID Sensors. both phone look same from its front view you can not easily identify which is iPhone XR or 11.

These phone differentiate each other from its rear view iPhone XR come with Single Camera where iPhone 11 come with dual Camera setup.another major difference is position of Apple logo.in iPhone XR logo is on top of phone and in iPhone 11 it place in center of Phone.this is all about design and built quality of phone its your personal view which you like most.both phone come variety of colors option and its look very good and attractive.another thing is feel in hand both phone having same size so its very comfortable to all people even if your hand in small.  both phone having similar IPS LCD display having same brightness level and same technology

Now lets review Processor, RAM and ROM iPhone XR having Apple A12 Bionic Chip set and iPhone 11 having Apple A13 Bionic Chip set both chip set are very powerful but no doubt iPhone 11 chip-set that is A13 is more powerful than A12. but in day to day use if even a heavy user you can not see any difference in performance.but a iPhone 11 having better edge because of latest chip-set and technology. there is also difference in RAM XR come with 3 GB Ram and 11 comes with 4 GB Ram.we can do heavy multitasking work on both phone there is no issues in performance.

But you are thinking about future and you have use this phone for next 2 to 3 years then iPhone 11 is a good choice .both phone having same storage capacity variant 64GB ,128 GB and 256 GB.its depend on you what you require. but 128 GB storage is also a grate deal.

Next important thing is battery life.apple claim that iPhone XR having 1hr less battery life than iPhone11 but in practical there in no major difference in battery life of both phone its mostly depend on your use. but in simple battery life not make any major difference in this both Phone.both phone having fast charging support and also wireless charging support.

iPhone 11
iPhone 11
iPhone XR
iPhone XR

Both Phone having dual sim support one is regular sim and other is e-sim available in phone.both phone are 4G compatible.no 5G variant available in any apple device.

Now we discuss most important point and biggest difference in these phone which a deciding factor for these phone is a CAMERA of these phone. in iPhone XR having 7MP front face camera and iPhone 11 is having 12 MP camera so which is create major difference if you are selfie lover.iPhone 11 front camera image of much brighter and wider than XR.Now lets know about rear facing camera.like a front facing camera which are very different from each other same way rear camera having much more different.where iPhone XR having single rear facing camera iPhone 11 having dual rear facing camera setup.dual facing camera having a addition lens which a wide angel camera.in simple way iPhone 11 camera is best as compare to XR. its create difference in these phones.if photography and video recording is important for you then you must go for iPhone 11.

Now lets know pricing and value for money factor.iPhone XR price much cheaper than iPhone 11.iPhone XR comes in almost Rs.45000/- which is cheaper than iPhone 11 which you ca buy at Rs. 60000/-

Now most important a Value for money Phone.looking to all details and factor iPhone XR is more value for money phone having nearly same specification as compare to iPhone 11 except its Camera. for having good camera you can spend more money and buy iPhone 11.

if you have no money crunch and able to spend more money and crazy about camera then go for iPhone 11 otherwise go for iPhone XR definitely a good choice

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