Earn Money online with free blog create

Earn Money online with free blog create

how to use blogspot to earn money

to create blog in blog spot you don’t need to be coding not domain not hosting all thing are free. if u want to create blog want to create website link which you want to share with other people or want to make a small website blogspot will help you to do so .

Difference between blog and website

Blog is like a website it provide you a URL or link which you can share to anywhere on social network but in blog a difficulty is that  you need always to create new  post every time . by some customized your blog will look like a website but it still a blog  and having its limitations.

A website is set of blog which update regularly  with new contains and arrange it with a proper way  to look more attractive . there is lots of type of website like shopping website,eCommerce website ,blog site etc. basically a wide range of space available for your creativity.

if you create blog first time then  you must use blogger site before creating any of website .


Blogger is a google product to create a blog on blogger follow  this steps


  1.  Go to ” blogger.com
  2. Click on Create Blog
  3. Sign in with your Gmail ID ( blogger is google product accept only Gmail account)
  4. then it show your name , you can modify it
  5. click on continue as blogger
  6. Click on Create New Blog

now are  ready to create new blog . you can create blog of any topic as per your choice

Create unique writing contains  and need to create lots of contains in your blog which help you to earn money online with  free create blog.  you have to link your blog with google ad sense  to earn money

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