Best Heater for Winter -powerful & efficient

Best Heater foe Winter

In Winter season everyone need a good room heater which keep room heat and your light bill cool. there are lots of room heater available in market but every few of them are useful. which really work.

room heater work is not to only heat your room but also it is energy efficient, safe to use and not harmful for environment. here we are give some better option to warm in this winter.

which type of Heater is cheapest to use?

Most probably electric heater are 100% efficient because it convert all electricity into heat.some of them are more expensive because they generate more heat. so if you want more heat want to spend more money on heater. cheapest heater are halogen and oil- filled radiators. more expensive haeter are bar heater or fan heater they provide you good heat environment

Is heater affect health?

Air heater are some of how affect your body. air heater are not good for heart patient and asthma result to headache to healthy people also after switching off. specially air heater are affected skin of people who regular use heater in their rooms. but it not means that heater are bad. use it with limitation are minimize damage of your health.

Which Kind of Heater are good?

fan heater are good because it push heat into room quickly. Another option is Halogen Heater but it is more expensive and more energy consuming. fan heater are cheaper than halogen heater.

if you use heater for a very short time span  you must go for fan heater it is cheap and quick.

What Kind of heater to buy?

looking to all fats fan heater are good to buy. if you stay in place where winter is not so cold you can use fan heater to maintain your room temperature and if you stay a place where winter is cold and long you have to spend more money of halogen heater .

now a days all type are heater are safe choose heater which are standard and with at least 4 star rating.

there are lots of portable ,cheap and efficient heater available in market below are some good heater recommendation to buy

1. Havells OFR 9 Fin PTC Fan Room Heater–¬† this heater is for large room size .it come with over heat is a expensive heater but proved good heat to large room also. it is bulky but it can move easily to your room with wheel provided.

2. Orpat OEH-1220 Fan Room Heater – This is a fan heater it is cheap and efficient . every easy to use .it is good for small size of come with good body material. this heater are useful in normal cold winter.

3.Salimo 2000 wt Room Heater– Salimo is also a good option of heater .it is good for small and medium size room. this heater is small in size easy to handle . it come with Powerful 2400 RPM copper winded motor for quick heating and can be used vertically or horizontally.Lightweight (1.15 kg) for easy portability between rooms.Adjustable thermostat setting for temperature control.

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